Wakambi Resources and Commodities conducts exploration and mine development under the operating entity Metallica Nsimbi focused on developing the base minerals, precious metals and rare earth minerals.

Lithium Group Metals

Used in a variety of modern Industries from EV to Cosmetics.  ▪ Spodumene ▪ Petalite ▪ Lepidolite ▪ Mica ▪ Others


The world foremost structural material that is corrosion and heat resistant. Key ingredient for stainless steel production and super alloys for aeronautics and aerospace industry.


Used in aviation, space and chemical industry. Main raw material in battery production.


Used in all electronic devices and surgical foil, sheets, and wires for fastening body parts for healing. The human body accepts tantalum as it’s own bone tissue.


Used in aeronautics and aerospace industry and parts in oil and gas drilling platforms.

Graphite or Carboneum

Diverse industrial uses.


Used in computer, electronic s and aircraft industry.


A versatile industry material used in electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. It also has uses in construction and industrial machinery such as heat exchangers.


Used in the production of high performance computers and electronic products.


Used to produce a variety of important alloys and to deoxidize steel and desulfurize. It is also used in dry cell batteries. Manganese is used as a black-brown pigment in paint. It is an essential trace element for living creatures.


Sugilite is a rare mineral named after Ken-ichi Sugi, a Japanese geologist who first discovered the material in 1944 on the Japanese island Shikoku. Used in jewelry and for ornamental purposes.

Black Granite

Used in the construction industr including flooring, wall coverings, kitchen countertops, cabinet tops, monuments, and gravestones, due to its elevated sturdiness and capacity to take an extremely fine polish.