Wakambi Resources and Commodities is a diversified natural resource mine, minerals, and commodity trading company. With a strong presence in the African mining industry, Wakambi is involved in the identification, acquisition, exploration, development, operating, beneficiation, processing, and trade of both raw and processed commodities, including futures trading.

In addition to its core operations, Wakambi also offers comprehensive mining contracting services, as well as training, capacity building, and contract technical services to the mines industry in Africa. The team at Wakambi comprises highly skilled professionals such as geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists, minerals economists, materials scientists, mineral rights lawyers, GIS specialists, and IT professionals.

Wakambi’s approach to mine development is flexible, as we engage in joint venture partnerships, syndicated agreements, early listing arrangements, private placements, preference share offerings, loans and securitization strategies. This adaptability allows Wakambi to facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations, ensuring the efficient and sustainable development of mining projects.

The business also operates in physical commodities trading on the supply side and is currently establishing a futures trading department. Wakambi is involved in the sourcing, grading, beneficiation and export of minerals.

Furthermore, Wakambi is setting up two specialized funds in the mining sector. The first is a private mining venture fund focused on exploration and mine development, investing in promising mining projects across Africa. The second fund is a private equity fund targeting brownfield investments, acquiring small scale mines, and supporting junior mining companies.

Wakambi is a trusted partner and a key player in the African mining landscape.